Inner Happiness

Annemarie Greenwood ~Artist~

Helping ambitious and extraordinary designers create unique memorable spaces through colourful expressive abstract art. 

About Me

Ma raison d’être...

Everything I do is influenced by my innate desire to provoke deep, strong connections, inspire emotions thus helping you create unique spaces.

What's in it for You?

I believe we fundamentally want to embrace and express our passion for abstract art and abstract paintings; to explore , enjoy and share it with others. 

Especially for You!

I just happen to paint colourful, vibrantly  expressive abstract art and abstract paintings that elicit deep emotional  connections and depict  a wonderful intimate gateway to your personality.

Imagine how thrilled and delighted you’ll feel owning one of my original dynamic exclusive abstracts! 

The bold eye-catching abstracts will brighten your space, giving it that special POP! 

Welcome to my world of dynamic Abstraction! 

Feel inspired by your emotions!

Let’s talk about creating yours? 

I'd love to work with you!

Annemarie Greenwood

"Abstract Art is a journey full of challenges, risks, and often, sublime surprises!" ~ Annemarie

Creating abstract art is Annemarie Greenwood’s love and passion!

The process of making abstract paintings —working with non-representational imagery—is what Annemarie enjoys the most. She finds inspiration in her surroundings, popular culture, found materials, patterns, juxtapositions, colour theory, textures, nature and intuition, which lead this inventive abstract artist to create detailed collages, mixed media pieces, and bold abstract acrylic paintings on canvas and paper always reflecting a composition of varying layers.

For her, the entire process of making abstract art stimulates and fascinates her. Annemarie’s creative journey in acrylic painting is spontaneous and intuitive yet blended with careful deliberation and intention. Her unique unquenchable curiosity about abstract art keeps Annemarie inspired, motivated and constantly refining her practice.

Annemarie has broadened her knowledge and skills through her studies of Art at the University of Toronto, Durham College, and participating in many professional courses and workshops with various Canadian and International Artists. 

Annemarie’s abstract art has been featured in various solo and group shows. Her abstract paintings have received several awards and is represented in numerous private collections.

A former elementary art and yoga teacher, Annemarie lives with her artist husband, 

Gary Greenwood in Oshawa, Ontario.